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Russ Whitney’s Inner Voice

Has it ever happened to you? That “aha!” moment? That incredible coincidence or inspiration? That time in your life when your intuition was on target and you knew exactly what to do?

Russ Whitney, author of Inner Voice: Unlock Your Purpose and Passion, believes there is more to those coincidences than luck or a guardian angel. He says:

“We all have an Inner Voice. Some of us hear it very clearly; others either ignore it or confuse it with coincidence, as I frequently did in my younger warrior days. When we begin to recognize and listen to it, our Inner Voice will give us answers, provide guidance and direction, help us identify our true purpose in life, and find and develop a passion for doing the things that will help us achieve that purpose.”

Enjoy these Inner Voice Whispers. Click here to learn more about how you can build a relationship with your own inner voice, discover your purpose, find your passion, and begin living the rich Inner Voice way of life.

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