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MortalityThere are, without a doubt, plenty of ways for a person to take advantage of the principles and strategies that Russ Whitney uses and talks about in his book Inner Voice: Unlock Your Progress & Passion. One of the best is his online blog, Inner Voice Whispers, which you can click on every morning to get ideas and inspiration.

In this Inner Voice Whisper (here’s the link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bGguQCrWhQs) Russ talks about how, in the last six years, he’s been thinking more and more about his mortality.

Truth be told, these days Russ is much more content with his life than he ever has been and that contentment allows him to think about his mortality with a lot more of an open mind.

Russ admits that, when he was younger, much of his time was put into reading everything he could about making money and becoming a millionaire because, frankly, he felt he had something to prove.

Back then he was very caught up in proving himself, and showing people that he wasn’t the “nobody” that many said he would turn out to be. He worked extremely long hours, had a “to-do” list that was sometimes 80 or 90 tasks deep and a schedule that most people in their right mind wouldn’t even attempt.

Today however, he has something that he never did before, and that’s the Inner Voice principles and strategies that he learned over five years while traveling the world looking for answers.

What Russ wants to tell people is that, if they are stuck in anger, frustration, doubt, fear and shame, he knows how they feel. He also wants to know that if you’re doing a lot of finger-pointing, judging, blaming and criticizing, or you’re stuck in self-pity, he knows what you’re going through and why.

Those feelings of wanting to prove yourself and prove that you’re better, that you’re worthy, can actually work against you instead. With the principles and strategies you’ll find in the Inner Voice, you can work those principles and climb out of the rut of self-pity that you’re stuck in.

If you see yourself in today’s blog, and find yourself stuck in the life that you don’t want, don’t love and that brings you very little joy, Russ wants you to know that you should keep coming back to the Inner Voice because he’s been where you are and he knows that the principles and strategies that he can impart on you will help you turn things around.

One of our blogs from back in February will go really well with today’s.  It’s called “The Only Person You Should Compare Yourself to is Yourself”  and, if you have an extra moment, you should definitely read it. If not, at least bookmark the Inner Voice Whispers so that you can come back when you need a little bit of inspiration.

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