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two-wayPossibly one of the best things about Russ Whitney’s book Inner Voice: Unlock Your Purpose & Passion are the Inner Voice Whispers spread throughout the book, little asides and inspirations to help readers with grasping the ideas behind the Inner Voice.

Russ Whitney has brought those Inner Voice Whispers online with his Inner Voice Whisper video blog and, if you need a daily dose of inspiration and ideas, and you don’t exactly have the time to pull out your book and thumb through it, Russ’s video blog is your next best option.

This week’s Whisper (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MS3-c6cH4j4) is about 2-way conscious contact, something that Russ goes into in-depth in the book because it’s so important to do regularly.

Basically, 2-way conscious contact is a sort of “to do list” on steroids.  Rather than making a list of all of the tasks and chores that you have to do that day (something that most men and women in their “warrior phase” do in order to keep track of everything that they’re trying to accomplish) you instead sit down with your notepad and first write down what you’re grateful for.

This list could include things like your family, having a nice home to live in, the fact that you have a great job, that you love your spouse etc.

Then, the next and most important part, is to say this to yourself;

“God, direct me in my thinking today. Show me Your will for me, and give me the power to carry that out.”

Once you’ve done that, then simply write down whatever comes to mind as far as “I, I, I”.  “I want this, or I want that.” Don’t judge what you’re writing, just write.

Most of these things that you’re writing have everything to do with self-will and little to do with divine direction, the direction that comes from listening to your Inner Voice.

The question is, how to tell the difference?

Everything that you’ve written down should simply be looked at through the lens of the 4 Absolutes. When you’re done writing, look at everything you’ve written and ask yourself if it is;

  • Honest
  • Unselfish
  • Pure
  • Loving

If it’s these four things, it’s divine direction.

If it’s anything to do with your character defects, including being selfish, self-centered, arrogant, finger-pointing, judgmental, blame, criticize, self-pity or vengeance, it’s not, and you should throw it out.

This is an exercise that you can do on a daily basis to keep yourself centered, get in touch with your own Inner Voice, and start living the life of success and joy that you deserve. It’s really amazing the results this one mental exercise can have.

By the way, back in July we had a blog entitled “Learn to be Humble” that will be an immense help in understanding today’s blog. If you have a spare moment, you should definitely read that blog as well. Enjoy.

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