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donutIf you’re looking for a website and a video blog that you can go to every day for a little bit of inspiration, there’s nothing better than Russ Whitney’s Inner Voice Whispers online.

Taken from his book Inner Voice: Unlock Your Purpose & Passion, it’s a daily dose of Russ Whitney inspired information that’s motivating, makes you think and gets your day started on the right foot. (This week’s Inner Voice Whisper video blog is right here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fv-IYo5hex8)

In this Inner Voice Whisper Video Russ Whitney was talking about something that helped him when he was making the transition from warrior to states person and having a very difficult time of it.

Russ talked about the “hole in the donut” theory.  The fact is, there actually is no hole in a donut, there’s just the donut itself. It’s a play on words meaning that, although many people think something is so, many times it isn’t.

He talked about how in his life as a “warrior” (see the book) he was cocky, self-assured, a ‘know it all’ and arrogant in some cases, and that he was worried that if he was going to change his life to be humble, tolerant and patient what would happen to the ‘younger’ Russ and the things he had done.

In other words, Russ was worried about making the change and thus having to admit that the first part of his life was a “lie”.

Russ finds it funny that many people who knew him before his life and philosophy changed so much look at him like he’s changed physically on the outside, asking if he has lost weight or changed his hair color.

The fact is that he is just glowing from the inside knowing that there is an organization to the universe, there’s nothing to live in fear or doubt about, and we can’t do anything about yesterday, what happened or who we were.

Russ would also think to himself “am I going to be a phony now that I have made these changes” and the answer is “no, of course not!” it’s just part of the connecting the dots of being human.

So if you’re worried that the changes you’re making will negate the earlier part of your life, or make it a ‘lie’, keep in mind the story of the hole in the donut.

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