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transitionRuss Whitney bases almost all of his Inner Voice Whispers on  experiences that he’s had himself in his life. If you’re new to this blog, and haven’t yet seen Russ’s video blog of the same name, you’re missing out on insight and inspiration from a man who’s done some amazing things in his time here on Earth.

Today’s Inner Voice Whisper (see it here; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FjkP2HkhQCQ) , as with most, comes from the experiences that Russ has had in the last 6 years as his status quo in life has changed from ‘warrior’ to ‘statesperson’. (See Inner Voice: Unlock Your Purpose and Passion for more explanation.)

What Russ has seen, and now understands, is that while there are some days when he could certainly fall back on his warrior days and be selfish, egotistical, arrogant, a finger-pointer and so forth, the beauty is that he no longer needs to do that, because he’s gotten over the hurt and pain that he suffered as a child.

Russ believes that childhood doesn’t prepare you for adulthood so much as adulthood is the time when we need to heal ourselves from the pain that childhood caused, and the sometimes skewed thinking that we were led to believe.

The warrior phase is a time when we tend to be extremely self-centered and, in many cases, dealing with past pain, doubts, anxieties and fears that we (unfortunately) gained as children.

It is these pains and shames that block us from achieving the success, the joy and the happiness that we deserve in our lives, and it’s not until these pains are addressed, and then left behind, that we can truly grow and move forward.

Today Russ has moved into statesperson phase and left that unhappiness, trauma, guilt and anger behind.  Many people who haven’t seen him for years ask if he’s gotten a new haircut or lost weight.

Russ simply knows this; the weight he’s lost was the weight on his heart, and his soul.  Lighter now, his life as a statesperson is much more fulfilling.

Our blog entitled “Choose to be Happy” from the 1st week in April would be an excellent follow-up to today’s.  Enjoy!

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