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niceIf you’re a reader of Russ Whitney’s book Inner Voice: Unlock Your Purpose & Passion, you probably already are a fan of his Inner Voice Whispers. If you are, his online video blog with the same name should definitely be in your online “favorites” list.

Suffice to say that if you want to start your day with something inspirational, that will make you think, and get your day going in a positive direction, Russ’s Inner Voice Whispers video blog is the place to do it.

Today’s Inner Voice blog is about something near and dear to Russ’s heart, being a nice person. (It’s something that should be near and dear to everyone’s heart, if you think about it.) (It’s here, by the way: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RSIWzMDv-JI )

In this one, Russ talks about one of his first inspirational teachers, a man named Herman (see the book), who always leaves an impression on everyone he meets because he’s such an amiable, nice guy and so nice to be around.

Russ compared that to himself, and the fact that, even though people have been praising his hard work, his expertise and his dedication for years, no one had ever said “Gee, that Russ Whitney is a really nice guy”.

That hit him right where it hurt, because Russ would like to leave behind a legacy of being a nice guy but wasn’t exactly doing what he needed to make that happen.  That realization helped him to do his best to have a lot more humility, tolerance and patience in his life, (which is never a bad thing for anyone).

Russ believes that removing those negative aspects, those blocks as he calls them, allow the divine message of the Inner Voice to get through.

Today one of his goals is to make sure that everyone, when they talk about him, say what a nice guy he is, something that he believes is truly important and worth striving for.

You can do the same, and leave behind a legacy of kindness that people remember for a long time.

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