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spirituallyIf you’re new to Inner Voice or just started reading Russ Whitney’s book Inner Voice: Unlock Your Purpose and Passion, you might not know what Inner Voice Whispers are yet, or that Russ has a weekly video blog about them as well.

Basically, Whispers are little nuggets of wisdom, spirituality and inspiration that anyone can use to start their day on a great note.

Every Monday’s blog focuses on one of Russ Whitney’s Whispers and today’s is about the best way to grow spiritually.  (See it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ygzIwhWy4u0)

One of the things that Russ Whitney talks about a lot in his book are “blocks” that keep people from being as successful, happy and fulfilled as they could and should be in their lives. Russ also believes that spirituality is an excellent way to remove these blocks and achieve the success in life, business, relationships and so forth that most of us want and deserve.

So if spirituality is the way to remove these blocks, the question is simply that; what’s the best way to grow spiritually?

The answer might surprise you; if you want to become more spiritual, one of the best ways is to work on the relationships that you have with your friends, family and co-workers.

By working on these relationships, and learning to be more humble, patient, tolerant and respectful, as well as learning how to forgive people, your spirituality will continue to become stronger and the blocks will begin to get smaller and, with time, evaporate.

Although that might sound easy, working on all of those character defects (whichever of them you might happen to have) takes time and effort. If you aren’t the nicest person in town, and have a tendency to be harsh or critical to the people you care about or work with, you will also have to admit that to yourself first.

So again, if removing the blocks and barriers to your success is your goal, working on your spirituality and relationships should be your mission.

By the way, an outstanding blog from back in August entitled ”Ego versus humility” would be an excellent follow-up to today’s blog if you have the extra time. Enjoy.

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