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Character Asset SheetToday’s Inner Voice Whisper video blog is really a good one. You can see it here; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DT9dcszn4-A.

One of the ways that Russ Whitney starts his day is with something he created called  a “Character Asset Sheet”.

The reason is simple; while many of us spend our days working on different tasks like getting work done, going to the grocery store, making sure that the lawn is kept in nice shape, making plans to go on vacation and so forth, very few of us ever take the time to work on our behavior and character flaws.

What Russ does every day comes right out of his book, Inner Voice: Unlock Your Purpose & Passion.  You can get your own Character Asset Sheet, even if you haven’t purchased the book yet (what are you waiting for?!) by downloading it at innervoice.com/cac/

By planning for, and working on, our behaviors, Russ believes that we are able to remove the “blocks” that keep us from reaching our true potential, and having a truly fulfilling, joyful, successful and enjoyable life.

The Character Asset Sheet is basically a checklist of character assets that a person can use to quickly “take stock” of any shortcomings that they might have in several character asset areas that are important.

Things like keeping a smile on your face even if things aren’t going perfectly, being completely honest with others, being open-minded and nonjudgmental, being complementary and giving praise to others when it’s due, being discreet and respecting confidences, being humble rather than envious or jealous and many others are to be found.

The point behind the character assets sheet is that, if a person is truly being honest with themselves, they can use the sheet  to see exactly where they are falling behind or lacking in certain character traits, and work on those traits in the coming week to improve themselves.

Russ is very honest when it comes to his own shortcomings, and one of them is that he uses sarcasm too often and in situations where it actually, instead of being witty or funny, can be quite hurtful.

Using the character asset sheet, Russ sees that he needs to work on that character flaw,  and anyone who uses these sheets can see the same thing. It’s a simple, easy and powerful method for keeping track of any character flaws that you might have, allowing you to work on them to turn them into character plusses.

Again, if you’d like to download your own Character Asset Sheet and start using it today, simply click to innervoice.com/cac/ on your computer’s browser.

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